1760 Costner Drive
Warrington, PA  18976

p: (215).491.7077
f: (215).491.7033
email: bruce@grossmachine.com

We are a modern CNC shop featuring a 7 axis Mill/Turn center to provide you with completed parts in one operation.  We offer a superior overall value.

Typcial lot sizes between 250-10,000 pieces.  

While we machine all sorts of metals and plastics,  Brass and Stainless are the most commonly machined materials in our shop.

New - Twin Turret/Twin Spindle 7 axis turning center.

Accurate and good workmanship quality without the high cost of dealing with an ISO shop, nor do you have to sacrifice quality and/or delivery you will find in a small shop to get a reasonable price.   

No need to pay a contract manufacturer or broker 10-50% more when you can buy and deal directly from the source and cut out the middle man.

Prompt friendly service and quick quotes.

Our facility is fully air conditioned with a quality department to assure accuracy and repeatability of the machinery.

Materials are kept in a controlled access room to assure heat lot integrity and traceability.

Small part precision lathe one of our 6 lathes.
E-mail: bruce@grossmachine.com