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Our pallet changing vertical milling machines are the centerpiece of our business.  Recently we have added a 7 axis Twin Spindle/Twin Turret Y-axis Turn/Mill center for one operation complete machining of complex parts.  Higher quantities and blanket orders are our speciality.

We made this typicall milled part in a turning center.  This part was orignially designed to be stamped and bent but lacked the precision requirements of the customer.  This part woudl have required multiple operations to be traditionally machined, here we do it complete in one operation.

This part was previously made in 4 operations, 2 turning, 1 milling, and an engraving operation.  The cycle time was reduced from over 20 minutes to 6-1/2 minutes and completed in one operation.



We have the ability to put together small assemblies that require a limited amount of components.